Paperback publication 25th April 2024
02 April 2024

We're thrilled to receive our copies of Michael Russell's forthcoming thriller, THE CITY OF GOD, today. It's published in paperback by Constable in UK and Ireland on 25th April and available in all good bookstores. It's the eighth book in the Stefan Gillespie series of wartime thrillers and we're touched that Michael has dedicated it to the founder of our agency, Cecily Ware. Italy, 1943. Irish detective Stefan Gillespie leaves the chaos of Nazi-occupied Rome for neutral Switzerland on a mission his government knows nothing about. Waiting for a late-night connection in Zurich he sees a train that shouldn't be there. The train's SS guards, who shouldn't be there either, beat him to within an inch of his life. But Stefan's perilous journey begins in Rome with the barbaric murder of an idealistic young Irish priest. The Eternal City is a place of vengeance, duplicity and betrayal that has even infected the City of God itself, the Vatican. In a war that is everywhere, not even neutrals, can escape the surrounding darkness.

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